• RING SWINGING PLAYGROUND】: YIXUND ring swing with various foraging toys will meet your bird friends’ daily needs to peck,nibble,shred, preen and chew.Good bird toy keep them busy,provide essential physical activity to keep your feather friends stable,happy and mind active.Maybe he will swing front and back and side to side,climb around on the outside, or pull on it just to watch it swing back and forth,peeling layer after layer of cardboard off the ‘bagels’ and slowly chewing them up…
  • 【SAFE MATERIAL】: Colorful bird rope swing with lots of safe chewing toys like:corn cob,birdie bagels,wooden blocks,cotton rop,colorful gears,beads,other cute plastic toys,pure handmade,safe for birds to bite and nibble.Encourage to climb and provide birds a elevated place to perch and explore,keep your birds busy,less depression and more fun.Like a dream catcher,a plastic ring wrapped with soft rope material,very easy for your bird friend to grip without slipping around.Durable and last longer.
  • 【BEAK TRIMMED】: Birds instinctively need to bite,shred and chew something to keep their growing beak sharp.Hanging and swinging colored toys will catch your bird’s attention immediately to explore. Corn cob,colored cardboard bagels,wooden blocks and many plastic toys for your parrot to chew.Great chewing and preening bird cage accessories to kill time and give dental care for your beloved feather friends. Keep your feather friends healthier,happier and more satisfied.
  • 【PERFECT SIZE】: Perfect size ring swing with 6.7in inside diameter and 7.9in outside diameter.Can easily hold a medium-sized bird or a couple of smaller birds.2 parakeets can sit side by side quite comfortably on,and still have a lot of room above their head.Even wide enough for a parakeet sized bird to spread his wings to fly off or on.Birds will jump right on,doing flips,climb all over it or swings around like a little monkey.Good toy to keep them entertained.Also a good napping spots.


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