Premium Material: Our Cat Bed and Dog Beds are made with the finest long fluffy plush & polypropylene fabrics. We Offer Color Variety so you can please your cat and or dog, without sacrificing home & furniture décor
Protected Safe Environment Feel – designed to act as a round circle nest with lower middle and high surroundings.
Promotes A Calming Environment – The Cozy self-warming long plush fabric will allow your Cat & Dog to reminisce about a mother’s fur coat and promote a safe and calming space. Our Calming Dog Bed & Cat Bed works great for pets who experience Anxiety.
Luxury Comfort – The round donut design is perfect for your cats and dogs to cuddle and curl up and create a soft self-heated warming environment. The Raised Walls act as Orthopedic support for joint and neck support.
Bed Size – The Calming Pet Bet is 23” x 23” x 7” and suited for Small, Medium, and Large Cats or Small Dogs. Any pet under 25 Pounds will fit comfortably. Machine Washable – Please ONLY use Gentle Wash, and Tumble Delicate Dry (Low Heat)


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